Delta Corrente Review

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

No toilet room

I have a small bathroom. A really, really small bathroom. Not only is it tiny but it is also in a house that has not been updated in the past 40 years. Things that are uncommon in today’s houses, like carpet in the bathroom, we have in our house. So when Delta sent me a new toilet to install and review, I was a little concerned. Sometimes matching old with new is a mistake.

So I dragged the box into the bathroom, found out that I have no room to remove the old toilet, and dragged the Delta back out of the bathroom. Yes, that is what planning looks like to me. Sorry for a little foreshadowing to the end of this story but taking the old toilet out was a lot harder than putting the new one in. I do not know how old the original toilet was but the connection to the water hose was corroded. We have really hard water in Big Bear.

Time to think about old toiletsThe Delta kit includes everything that I needed to put in the new toilet including a multipurpose tool so that I did not need any other tools. Unfortunately, the Delta tool was not strong enough to break the corrosion seal on the water supply hose so I needed to use a bigger wrench. Again, please note the problematic aspect of a long wrench in an itty bitty work space. Eventually, with a bit of muscle and some bad words, I was able to undo all of the bolts and screws so that I was able to remove the old toilet.

Gross, gross, gross. The old wax seal had dissolved so I needed to scrape it out with a knife. All of this was on carpet. Yes, gross, gross, gross.

Delta in the doorSo, I just wrote around 300 words on how hard it was to get the old toilet out. Now let’s do a word count on putting the new Delta toilet in. It comes in two pieces plus the toilet seat and the installation goodies. I stuck the wax on the toilet base and plopped in onto the screw base. The multipurpose tool worked great for these screws. Then I put the tank onto the back and screwed that on. Attach the water hose and the flap and the only thing left was the toilet seat which was two screws.  300 words and an hour of sweat to take the old toilet out and 100 words and fifteen minutes to put the new one in. Thank you Delta.


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