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Caught on film : God robs a man at gunpoint.

          Hola Friday! We’ve missed you. We had to put up with Monday and Tuesday and you were nowhere in sight. We aren’t going to get all victim but we felt a little abandoned by you right around Wednesday. However, when Thursday arrived, we could acknowledge that these feelings of ‘being left behind’ came from our issues of unworthiness of the wonders of Friday. With these realizations and awarenesses, we are prepared for the days to come with hope and resolute that Friday will return. Wow, maybe it would have been easier to say Thank God it’s Finally Friday!

          Lee says: You know I love politics. I used to take sides and argue and position myself. Today, since I am an evolved human being and am at the cusp of self-actualization, I watch the action from the sidelines and compare dysfunctions and neuroses of the politicos. I have no party affiliation and refuse to be categorized.

          One of my favorite things that politicians do is ignore countries. For example, many countries do not recognize Israel as a country. It is not unlike covering your ears and eyes and saying ‘La La La I don’t see you!’ It is extremely immature and shows the acumen the politicians who decide to do such idiotic things. Recognizing a country is not unlike acknowledging a relationship. Recognizing and acknowledging makes it real.

          We have mentioned that a step to creating healthy relationships is acknowledging them. As Paul mentioned, acknowledging is making it real, recognizing the existence and, in some dictionaries, it also mentions recognizing the rights, status and authority of something. Can you see how powerful that is? Saying that someone is your partner or boyfriend/girlfriend is a statement that acknowledges and provides status and authority to someone. You are no longer vacillating in the land of wishy washyness when you say ‘I have feelings and a quasi commitment to this individual. Please note that my acknowledgement comes with all the rights and duties as I set forth.’ It is a declaration.

          So if we do this with everybody in our life (i.e. This is my Mother, This is my Brother, This is my Husband, Child, Dog and Car), what do we acknowledge into existence for ourselves? How often do you tell people that you are an awesome human being? I know, we have slipped into hippy touchy feely crap and I readily acknowledge that but we must recognize ourselves as well. We are always prepared to label ourselves by our careers or commitments such as ‘I am a psychotherapist, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.’ I acknowledge all these duties and commitments. However, what am I to me?

          By virtue of your very existence, you are beholden to yourself. Whoa, say that again. Because you are here, alive, sentient, and aware, you are obliged to deal with yourself. So, what do you acknowledge (make real) about yourself? Let me help here.

          We wrote a whole book about Dysaffirmations (dysfunctional affirmations): these are, in a negative way, acknowledgements we make for ourselves. They are unhealthy and counterproductive to living a fulfilled and happy life. Plus, these are beliefs that we want to make real for ourselves like ‘I am useless’. I propose you list out all the acknowledgements for yourself. Acknowledge your beauty, your power, your amazingness, your lovingness. You are a gift to the world and you need to acknowledge that. We can start small and you just need to acknowledge that to yourself. We’ll buy the billboards later.

          Paul says: Apparently, Lee was eating her Wheaties laced ‘shrooms when she wrote this one. Wow. ‘By virtue of your very existence, you are beholden to yourself.’ That is some black hole deep shit right there. And it is totally correct. If I cannot sing my own praise, then who can? When God created everything, He said that it was good. Who am I to disagree?

          I say to hell with the billboard. Mountains were created to climb upon and call out our wonderfulness. Acknowledge beauty. Acknowledge peace. Acknowledge strength. Acknowledge grace. Acknowledge that gift that you see in the mirror.

          (Lee and I broke a sweat writing this one.)


  • First of all I’d like to thank Maxwell House for providing me with the substance that juiced my brain and enabled me to comprehend this incredibly deep post. The first time around, I might add.

    Secondly, I can tell you one thing about me, an acknowledgment of sorts I guess; and that is- I am never, ever bored. I do not understand when anyone over the age of 16 complains of boredom. I can find a million different things to do, to entertain myself. The only ‘board’ I’ll ever be is when I’m dead. As in stiff.

    Hmm…wondering if the java has actually reached every synapse yet. Not too certain after reading what I just wrote. Ah well, great post anyway…never mind the crazies in the comment section.

    Lastly, I am putting your feed on my toolbar immediately so I have no excuse to miss a post. Why didn’t I do this already?

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