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At CoupleDumb, we talk about relationships; all kinds of relationships from couples to parenting to your relationship with yourself. Since we talk about relationships, we obviously talk about dating. Dating is a huge part of any relationship since this is where most people start. We have also publicly stated that we are in favor of online dating and online dating sites. Of course, like most sites it is hard to tell which are the best dating sites to use.

One of the important things that we look for in a dating site is the ability to create relationship before actually meeting. Being able to understand the motivations of people before you totally invest yourself is a great plus. Being able to explore those motivations with things like email, online chat, and video chat is invaluable. We firmly believe in doing everything that you can to deepen and create an intimate relationship before moving on to the physical part. Foundation is everything. You cannot go back and fix the foundation. Think of a house. You want the foundation to be strong so that the house does not wander off to the right. And after you put the house on the foundation, you cannot go back and redo the foundation without removing the house.

So how do you find the right dating site? There are more than one now-a-days and they offer different things. Like everything else, do your research. We use sites that give Consumer Rankings for our cars, our appliances, and our travel arrangements. Why not use them for your dating?

I want to end with the idea that this is important. If you are online trying to create a new loving relationship then this is something that you have given some thought. You know that this is what you want in your life so treat it with the respect that it is its due.

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