Dating can be tricky

The idea of meeting someone at a bar or work who turns out to be “the one” is as likely as picking the winning Lottery numbers. CoupleDumb has always been “Pro Online Dating”. This way of meeting people serves two purposes- keeps you safe as you “put yourself out there” while still allowing you to meet people to whom you share common interests. It is because of sites like that on-line dating is as successful as it is.

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Online dating is not a fad and it is hardly something that someone else does. It is estimated that over 41 million people have tried on-line dating at one point in their lives. Why does it work? Simply put, on-line dating allows the couple to get to know each other on-line long before ever meeting. Because of cyber-disinhibition, the need to lie or avoid the harder subjects is gone and a couple can get to really know each other in a deeper more meaningful way. This is why the average courtship of an on-line couple before marriage lasts 18 months while a couple who meets and courts off-line take an average of 42 months to walk down the aisle.

Match Timeline Final has been around for 2 whole decades and has provided the platform for people to meet their perfect match. To celebrate the on-line dating vanguard’s 20th birthday, we thought we could share some facts.

In the last 20 years…

  • More than 125 million people have joined Match
  • Match has created more than a quarter of a billion matches
  • Match users have sent more than 4 billion winks and emails
  • More than 20 million people have used Match through a mobile device
  • Match has created more than 10 million relationships
  • Match has “made” more than 1 million babies

Bill&Freddi 3Numbers mean nothing until you meet a couple like Bill and Freddie- a success story. Their story reads like a fairy tale where one searches for someone who finally gets them. They celebrated their 15 year wedding anniversary in January and are still living their happily ever after.

We strongly urge our single readers to give a try. You never know where you will meet the one for you.

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