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If you are like us, you tend to share everything. One of the problems with that is that you tend to get comfortable with the knowledge. We also tend to forget to celebrate anything. Anniversaries and special days get shuffled aside because you share your love all the time, right? If not that, you end up playing, “where do you want to go” for the first 15 minutes of your date nights!

What if you actually took the time and created special events for just the two of you? What if you could have an index that would store all your favorite places, restaurants, movies? What if you could have a place to share your wish list including pictures and the stores to buy them?

With Lovendar iPhone app, available on ITunes, you can do just that. The best part is that it is something just the two of you share. Anytime or place an idea can strike. It’s as easy as taking a picture, writing a note and the app stores it for you. Plan the perfect getaway or date night. Make gift giving so much easier carrying around your lover’s wish list all the time. You can even surprise your partner by hiding some of your entries.  The app allows you to prioritize your entries to show what places you would like to go to next.

The Lovendar IPhone App has a couple’s precious time in mind and this great app allows you to prioritize and organize your time.  Surprise your loved one with an app made just for the two of you. On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, you can download the app for FREE!

This is a paid review. All opinions belong to CoupleDumb. Please go to CoupleDumb’s Facebook page for a chance to get a promo code to download Lovendar Iphone App today! This app available for free until Monday.

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