Daddy’s Day on BlogTalkRadio

 It’s that time again when CoupleDumb hits the airwaves. Join us today, June 18th, on BlogTalkRadio at 5:00pm EST to talk about Dads, their issues and the myths around fatherhood. Simply click the BlogTalkRadio button to the right to tune in on your computer.

Meet our special guest daddies:

Bob HafnerBob Hafner is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Miami, Florida. He runs weekend retreats at the Phoenix Center for Healing with his wife who is also a mental health professional and you may have heard her on the previous radio show (Aida Reyes). Bob is a seeker of truth and the consummate healing warrior. He advocates that psychotherapist should be in therapy and often uses harsh techniques such as choke holds and blow guns to make his point. In his spare time, Bob enjoys gardening and trimming bonsais while secretly plotting the demise of his neighbor who sprays their field with toxic chemicals.

George ReyesGeorge Reyes is a business man and entrepreneur who is currently nominated as the Minority Supplier Distributor of the Year which is a national award. He is a maverick and unstoppable in the business world. In sales, George is renowned for making the impossible possible. George is currently the Executive Vice President of a company committed to revolutionizing the shipping industry. More importantly, George is the father of three and the captain of a co-ed softball team who annihilated their competition on Monday. He is a task master and magician as a leader but his devotees are ever faithful to his vision of success.

Me in my natural state.Paul Reyes-Fournier is a writer and the CFO of the CoupleDumb empire. He has written the seminal novel of our time that has yet to be read by an agent or publisher but fingers are still crossed. As the CFO of CoupleDumb, Paul is responsible for the finances, IT, janitorial services and sexual favors. Paul is currently on probation for disagreeing with Lee (CEO of CoupleDumb who makes Kate Gosselin look like Mother Teresa) so his performance on this show is crucial for his continued employment. Paul is the doting father of 3 children and is lovingly called the night shift. His hobbies include drinking coffee and scotch while suffering for his art.


Luis IzquierdoLuis Izquierdo is a financial planner in Miami and is currently awaiting his first child. Luis is a hulking man but is often used by children as a jungle gym and other riding animal. Most adults just refer to him as a teddy bear since he is probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. Like Emeril and Trump, Luis has his own trademarked saying. ‘You guys are fucking awesome!’

Ron BaileyRon Bailey will be our special call in guest today. Ron lives in Key West, Florida and thought it more important to pick up his lady and sons than be present during the show. Priorities…geez.





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    I’m impressed! After reading your post I can tell you are well-informed about your writing. If only I had your writing ability. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Cheers!

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