Crisis and Opportunity

          A couple of years ago, life threw us for a loop. My husband hurt his back. The man who I had come to know as the most reliable human being in my life, was unable to do the simplest things for quite a while. Our kids had to adjust from asking Daddy to asking Mommy, only. His job was less than accommodating and only compounded the stress during this crisis. My husband, who was almost immobile, could only lay there, frustrated. My job was not only to care for him but to help him spin this injury into something positive.

          He would be home for a long while and it looked like lying down was the only way he could control the pain. He took this time to finish writing his novel and allowed himself to indulge his dreams of being an author. I was already finishing up my second novel and sending queries for my first. The two of us spent our day’s writing, parenting and talking about the future. If the queries taught me one thing it was that I might have a great resume as a psychotherapist and a grant writer, but, as a writer, I am lacking in experience.  

          Starting our blog was a shot in the dark. We decided to write about something that we knew about; relationships. We hoped to gain some experience as writers. We had no idea that the subject matter and site would trigger discussions, relationships and opportunities. Recognition came in the form of writing our book Dysaffirmations and getting featured in a newspaper. However, through all of this, we continue to work on our writing career. Currently, we are pitching our non-fiction book based on our blog and theories of marriage. We have received lots of positive feedback and are encouraged with the future.

          This is where the big move comes in. To make our dreams come true, we have decided to move back to California. Living in Miami has been wonderful but the opportunities available to us 3000 miles away are too good to ignore.  We are buoyed by the notion that our daughter is applying to schools on the west coast. We will be leaving the majority of our extended family but we realize that we need the change for our own good.

          If my husband’s injury taught us anything it was that through crises comes opportunity. We are not at the whim of fate. We are responsible for our future and whether we succeed in California or return back to Miami in a year to be with family, it will be for our good. Wherever we are we will face the opportunities and challenges together.    

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