Creating A Nonprofit

When we moved from Miami to California, the idea of needing a business lawyer in Sacramento became a real possibility. I look to the state capital because one of the many things that I do is that we write grants. Since state grants originate in the capital, having an attorney in the city who understands state business while talking with the local politicos helps. Also I just like having a lawyer that is around the epicenter of legislation.

One of the situations that I might send one of my nonprofit clients to a lawyer is in getting them the right corporate and nonprofit status. Let me give you a typical story.  A potential client contacts me and begins to tell me all of the wonderful things that they do for the community and asks me to write a grant for them. I can find them grant funding so I ask them about their nonprofit status. This is when they usually go silent. Without the proper 501(c)3 status, they will have a lot of problems getting government funding. So this is when I might send the client to a business attorney so that they can get their corporate structure in order.

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