CoupleDumb’s Gift Guide For Men

Guys are tough to shop for. The reason is they want everything but need nothing. Or is it that they want nothing and need everything? Whichever type of man your guy is, this is a list of some awesome gifts he didn’t even know he needed.

Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

Can you imagine your guy opening this on Christmas morning? Stunned won’t even begin to explain his reaction. Expect he will “need” a few more of these for the house.

Vivere UHSDO9 Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

Paul would say that he does need this but then again he says he needs a laser. It’s a double hammock for those who are adventurous and limber enough to try to have sex on one of these.

D-Link DCS-932L mydlink-Enabled Wireless-N Day/Night Network Camera

Guys like to watch over things. If they can watch it from a simple app on their smart phones from anywhere in the world, they are ecstatic. Sure, it’s creepy to think that they are always watching but it is nice to know you are safe….kind of.

Levi’s Men’s 514 Slim Straight Denim Blue Jeans

Skinny jeans are ewww on men. They give them no shape and they do not flatter their butts. Big Mom Jeans aren’t flattering either unless you like your men with child bearing hips. Sometimes it is important to give them gifts that you would appreciate. Stick to the Levi’s for jeans and enjoy the view!

80 Lbs Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol

Most men fancy themselves as saner versions of Ted Nugent. They think with the right weaponry and some camo, they can live off the land. Start them out slowly with a crossbow… oh, and hide.

Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset

I have two boys and I always like to give them a gift that is really for their Daddy. Men cannot resist the siren song of Hot Wheels. They start by “helping” their boys set it up and then spend the rest of the day playing with it to make “sure it works”. Sometimes men keep their inner child right under the surface.

So ladies, think outside the box and stay right outside of sanity when you shop for your guy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwaanza and Happy Chanukkah!

We did not receive any of these for review though we are still open to it. No compensation was received. All opinions are ours and not easily bought by free products or fancy gifts. You can try though.

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