CoupleDumb’s Gift Guide For Families

Money is tight in most parts and sometimes it is easier to give a family a gift rather than the individuals. We love family gifts! Whether it is a basket of baked goods or a thoughtful gift certificate for a nice dinner somewhere, a family gift is an easy and more inexpensive way of shooting a family of birds with one shot. Here are some ideas of what to get a family.


We love having family game night. A pack of cards and chips is inexpensive and a fun way of spending an evening. There are some great games out there that not only entertain but will spark some great conversations:

  Crappy Birthday by Northstar Games:

This game gets the ball rolling. You can play this with the entire family and the entire purpose is to get you talking and laughing.


Wits and Wagers by Northstar Games:

This game can be for a family or the extended family. This is a really fun game because it is less about what you know than what you think you know. We love that a large group can play and we play it with aunts, uncles and cousins too!

Say Anything by Northstar Games:

This game is great when you have a family of smart asses! The idea is to write down the best guess of someone else’s answer. The funnier the better! This game is good for up to 8 people and loads of fun.

Gift Cards:

Brinker Gift Card Collection by Brinker


A gift card is better when you have more leeway to where you can go. This gift card is good at four different restaurants. Instead of giving something that will be shoved in a closet, how about a nice evening out with the family.

Fandango Gift Card Collection by Fandango

Movies have gotten more expensive. Going out for an evening of film fun could break the bank. You can use these cards for movie tickets anywhere in the country.

Gift Baskets:

 Broadway Basketeers Christmas Organic and Natural Healthy Holiday Gift Basket by Broadway Basketeers

Aside from bake goods that you make with your own loving hands, this is a great basket of all organic and natural snacks. This is a great basket for a family who is keeping it as organic as possible but still indulges.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwaanza and Happy Chanukkah!

We received the following games for review: Say Anything, Wit and Wagers and Crappy Birthday for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are ours or our kids which also belong to us.

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