Control Your Happiness

More people saying "Boing".

          Happiness is something that you are and it comes from the way you think.
          -Wayne Dyer

          We usually devote Wednesdays to smacking down celebs or training our snarkiness on society as a whole. This week we are unveiling our happiness series so we need this day to give you food for thought.

          Happiness Directives:

          You know that no one can make you feel bad but did you also know that no one can make you happy either?

          We can usually believe that people cannot make us feel negatively about ourselves or experience bad feelings but we have a hard time taking responsibility for the positive ones. For example: ‘You made me love you‘, ‘You make me happy‘. The negative then, according to our warped sense of responsibility, is all ours while all the ’positive’ feelings are controlled by God, loved ones and society in general. Just know this is not of your making. Just know society has been manipulating happiness, love, joy and all the other ‘positive feelings’ for a long time.

          All feelings are intrinsic which means inside. People tend to be a little irresponsible with their feelings and say things like ‘you make me so angry’ and ‘my kids are my pride and joy’. Because of this, we unconsciously put the onus of emotions outside of ourselves or we say that they are extrinsic. Things that are outside of ourselves are not in our control thus this is why we feel that our emotions are not our own.

          Society has gotten together and secretly made a pact where we all accept everyone’s bullshit. In other words, ’You buy my story and I’ll buy yours’. So if we say, ’Gosh I couldn’t do any work because my grandma died,’ aside from giving condolences you will sub-consciously and consciously, blindly accept the persons lack of responsibility or sad mood. We all want to believe that the universe shits on us because to believe otherwise would be that we have some control. Control would indicate that we are responsible and that is just not acceptable.

          Choice is a responsibility. 

          So here is your directive: Ask yourself, are you willing to live your life with your emotions, especially happiness, at the whim of luck or outside forces?

          If the answer is no, please join our Facebook Page- 1 Million People Committed to Being Happy!

          Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.
          – Aristotle

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