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CoupleDumb is all about healthy relationships. We believe that a relationship built on love, mutual respect and commitment to the needs and the needs, dreams and desires of your partner should be celebrated. We have found few books that rejoice in relationship as much as ‘Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection and Relationship’.  It is a beautiful example of trust and connection between two individuals.

First, this is the most beautiful book on yoga that we have ever seen. It is filled with pictures of poses and gestures of couples. The pictures are simple; black and white photos of two individuals dressed in black. However, their impact is very profound. The book shows us the beauty of connectedness. They discuss the 7 points of connection which correlate with the seven chakras. One of the first poses they show is of a man and woman sitting with their backs to one another. They point out how they are actually connecting each chakra simply by being back to back.

The book provides a step by step journey to becoming connected. They give you the broad strokes and then break them down, beginning with a meditation. They invite you to meditate on your trust. They ask poignant questions regarding how, what, when you trusted. If you stopped there in the journey, your life and relationship would be completely different but then they push on to each point of connection.

Whether you are adventurous enough to try the poses or just looking to enhance and deepen your connection with your partner, Mandala Publishing’s ‘Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection and Relationship’ is a lovely representation of the beauty inherent in connecting with the one you love.

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CoupleDumb was sent a copy of Mandala Publishing’s ‘Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection and Relationship’.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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