Connecting With TV – A ConnecTV Review

We watch TV. We know we should be sitting by a roaring fire and sipping cognac while reading a classic piece of literature. Instead, we take our precious couple of hours between the kid’s bedtime and ours to zone out in front of the boob tube. We schedule ourselves to maximize the entertainment and not waste a precious moment of TV time. The best part is, we may not have friends who have read Dostoyevsky but we do have tons of friends who watch Modern Family!

Connecting With TV - A ConnecTV Review - CoupleDumb

A couple of years ago we moved away from our family and friends. One of favorite things was to get together to watch our favorite shows but now, 3 thousand miles away, we can use ConnectTV to replay and share our favorite parts of the show as if we were right next to each other! It is so easy! We just downloaded the app on our IPad (Android coming soon) and we just clip our favorite scenes from the show. We can even put our own comments on them for added fun.

ConnecTV is a social video network for people who love TV. Sure, there is a lot of stuff that isn’t worth watching but some TV that is coming out now will be with us for a long time. With Modern Family, replaying the best lines ever written for a show is just one of the fun perks of this app. You can share it on Facebook and Twitter or just view it on the ConnecTV site. The SocialTV Timeline syncs companion content and information to provide a richer social experience. ConnecTV has partnered with all your favorite networks so almost every show you watch is available.

Now we can watch our favorite shows and pick our favorite 6 second clip, add some funny text and we are still sharing the TV watching experience. Sure, it isn’t Dostoyevsky and cognac but it is a great social experience while watching TV.

Thanks to ConnecTV for providing the app and compensation for this review. All opinions are our own.


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