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Last April and May we did a series on what we termed, “The Tired Parents Guide to Good (Quick) Sex”. The response was overwhelming. Now, with the stressors of the holidays, it is more important than ever to connect with your partner. This week we have been advocating sex as a stress reliever. Consider an orgasm as a natural tranquilizer; it releases endorphins which our bodies own Xanax. Here is a reminder of the ever important orgasm for both men and women.

The Male Sexual Response:

The Excitement Phase: The phases are the same as women and in many respects the same physiological processes are in play. The Excitement Phase is all about blood flow.

The Plateau Phase: This phase is the buildup prior to ejaculation.  This phase looks a lot like the excitement phase with the added increase in penis size as the man becomes fully erect.

The Orgasm Phase: This phase is characterized by the release of sexual tension and ejaculation. A man’s orgasm is characterized by contractions of the base of the penis for the expulsion of semen and spasms throughout his body.  (NOTE: Men do have ‘better’ (defined as more intense or longer) orgasms when the excitement and plateau phases are extended).

The Resolution Phase: This Resolution Phase is characterized by the loss of erection, heart and breath rates returning to baseline and a general sense of relaxation and satisfaction.

The Female Sexual Response looks something like this (There are several models however most converge on this basic premise with some being linear while others are circular):

The Phases breakdown like this:

The Excitement Phase: The things you need to know about the Excitement Phase is that it can last from minutes to hours. This phase is characterized by muscle tension, vaginal lubrication, heart and breath rates increase, nipples become erect and swelling of the clitoris and labia.

The Plateau Phase: The important part of this phase is that it is the intensification of the excitement phase and is when intercourse begins.

The Orgasm Phase: What we need to know about this phase is that this is where the climax happens. For many women, the Orgasm phase takes forever to show up if at all.

The Resolution Phase: This phases the normalization phase. Your breathing, heart rate and body temperature return to normal. This phase is marked by a feeling of bliss and the need to cuddle.  Orgasms release a hormone called Oxytocin which is causes that sleepy, cuddly feeling after sex. For women, the Resolution phase can return to the Plateau and orgasm phase with little effort depending on the orgasm. This is why Multiple Orgasms are a possibility for women. Unlike men, women can have sex again without the need of rest.

The point of this refresher course is to remind you that an orgasm is not always assured but a good knowledge of how this happens definitely gives you an advantage. The orgasm releases endorphins and Oxytocin which together make us feel relaxed and cuddly. This is better than any alcohol or drug. The best part is that its fun and you get to do this together. So get go get tangled in tinsel!



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