Coffee, tea or me for the Valentine’s Day


Last week CoupleDumb shared some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and I loved the ideas for setting the mood with some good music, champagne and something to nibble a bit. The thing what I liked the most about the post was the note that everyday should be a day to show your love. I completely agree!

Valentine Gift For Paul

Everyday should be a day to live life to the fullest and this week the first issue of my Skimbaco Lifestyle magazine launches to show various ways of people finding the little things in life that make them enjoy life, every day.

Skimbaco Lifestyle MagazineI wanted to share a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas with you that may not be the “once in a lifetime”-type of romantic gifts, but they are gifts that you will enjoy with your partner again and again. In my magazine I feature 16 Valentine’s Day gifts, and this is just a sneak peek.

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