Christmas Gifts For Men

I am convinced that Sky Mall was created for men. Yes, they have some cool stuff but on any given flight I can hear my husband saying, ‘I want that’ a thousand times while he thumbs through the catalog. Here are a few things any guy would love to get this Christmas.

Swiss+Tech BGBXSV-PS 12-in-1 Platinum Series BodyGard Survivor Self-Powered Emergency Radio

How cool is this?! A panic button? Personal Alarm? Who doesn’t need this? Guys like a gadget that multitasks. It makes them feel a sense of accomplishment. This little bugger can go in their car or briefcase and they’ll feel all sorts of badass.

Interactive Toy Concepts® Radio – controlled Cooler

What’s better than cold drinks? Using a remote control to get your cold drinks! Guys never get over remote control devices. The more RC in their lives the happier they are. This is a scientific fact. Why do you think Brookstone and Sharper Image are still in business?

Wham-O Arctic Force SnowBall Blaster

Now that we live in the mountains and the snow is everywhere, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Is it enough to launch one snowball or is there a device that can launch several perfectly formed snowballs at a time?’ Question asked and answered.

Wild West Gunslinger Electronic Target Shooting Set

I can see this in a guys office. Shitty meeting? Shoot stuff! Good meeting? Shoot stuff!

Omaha Steaks Gourmet Variety Packs

Meat. It’s what’s for Christmas. Do I really need to explain this? Meat+Fire=Happy Man

If all of these suggestions don’t work for you, sex works well.  I suggest a coupon book with assorted sexual favors with tricky small print on the back that make the coupons void if used in combination, out of state or after a certain hour.

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