Chillax, Take the Train!

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I grew up in Southern California and learned early on that traffic was a way of life. We all knew we would grow up, get our licenses at 16 and join the millions of folks on the freeways. I grew up and moved away. I traveled. All the major cities I visited had one thing that L.A. didn’t have….a train. I loved taking a train to work when I lived in Miami- watching the poor folks stuck in traffic. Moving back to the West Coast was a no brainer. Even though we were unwilling to deal with traffic and moved to the Mountains, we still loved everything our city had to offer. The solution? The Metrolink!

A normal drive to DTLA or LAX would take us, on average, 3 hours. We are natives of Los Angeles, driving and traffic is in our blood. However, 3 hours of sitting in a car unable to work or relax is hard to justify when you are busy. Now we hop on the Metrolink in San Bernadino and go into the city without needing to sit in our car along with all the other frustrated drivers. Metrolink lets me chillax! Need to go to DTLA? Chillax, take the train! Need to go to Glendale? Chillax, take the train! Need to get to LAX for a trip and you don’t want to leave a car and pay more for your parking than you did for your ticket? Chillax, take the train!

Using Metrolink is very easy as well. Just go to their website and Plan A Trip via Metrolink Today All you need to do is tell them where you are and where you want to be and they will figure out which train and even bus to take to your destination. Being green and chillaxing was never this easy.

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