Chi And Flow

We talk about your chi and flow as if you know what we are talking about. Perhaps it is time we give you a very short in-service in what we are talking about.

You control the hoop

Have you ever been doing something, for example, a sport or even writing (if you are into that) and found that you are energized and focused. You feel alive and happy! You feel that you are at your peak performance and in some way you have become a conduit to this energy. This is your flow.

Chi, or qi, is natural energy that flows through everything. Everything is energy and chi flows through all things. When we are in flow, we are channeling that energy.

Now, all this stuff sounds like fluffy new-agey stuff and we would agree if there wasn’t so much science to it.

Flow is a concept in Positive Psychology that explains that maximized human motivation, intense focus and ability that individuals have when doing what they love. Flow makes life worth living. Watch Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explain his theory.

Chi is explained in the context of Qigong as life energy. Watch.

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