Chevy trip to Blogher ’10

          Where do we begin? We just got back from our Chevy trip to Blogher ’10 and we are exhausted. Of course coming home to a broken AC, no internet/cable and a son with stitches did not help the recovery. So we are going to put all of our house and family woes aside and give you a blow by blow description of what we fondly will call – CoupleDumb’s Wild Ride.

          On August 3, 2011, at 9:00am, we were pleasantly surprised to have a knock on the door. Truth be told, the knock sent us into sheer panic since we knew the Chevy peeps were dropping off the car that morning. We were still rushing around finishing up the last bits of packing, posting, checking comments and all the other crazy things bloggers must do before being away for a week. We opened the door to find a nice gentleman from Prestige Auto. He had us sign a form and handed us keys to a beautiful, slate colored Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. The joy and rapture was genuinely embarrassing since neighbors had come outside to find out what animals were making that squealing noise.

          The SUV sent from heaven- The car is nothing but amazing. We aren’t just saying that because Chevy was nice enough to let us drive it 2700 miles to and from New York City. We aren’t just saying that because they also provided us with some yummy snacks and a much needed Starbucks gift card. We aren’t even saying that because of the cool swag bag with a blinged out travel mug and other neat stuff. This SUV is everything a family car needs to be. Here are the specifics that we adored:

          The Tahoe Hybrid got over 500 miles on a tank of gas.

          The Tahoe Hybrid comfortably fits a family of six and you still have room for two more.

          The nav system is the best GPS we have ever worked with (easily adjusting course if you take a side track).

          The nav system warns you of traffic and road construction.

          The seats are so comfy you can sleep quite well (not the driver obviously but that seat is very comfy as well especially on those days where we clocked over 11 hours driving).

          There are outlets in the rear seats. Not cigarette lighter spots, actual outlets! We were charged up the whole time.

          The kids thought the car was the coolest thing in the universe.

          The pick-up in this car was amazing. When we needed to go fast, it looked like all of the other cars were standing still. Not that we ever drove fast. We always drove 10 mph under the speed limit. (wink, wink)

          Now back to the trip! We picked up fellow blogger Zippy from Champagneliving and headed north on the I95. The rest of the trip you can catch on our vlogs. We really wanted to take a special moment and just say, ‘thank you Chevy’, especially to the great supporting Chevy cast Lisa Gilpin, Jennifer Ecclestone and Ana the incredible intern! Now go watch our adventures in New York and the East Coast.


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