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CoupleDumb has been providing our readers relationship information and advice for over 3 years. All of our writing is based on the premise that people reading are willing to make changes to their behaviors so that they can achieve happiness in their relationships. We know that is a huge assumption but then again, why would you seek information without a working understanding that you may need to change. The self-help book section in your local book store is chock full of information that may or may not speak to you. Unfortunately, for many of those books, the questions that you are seeking answers to must be clearly defined for any of them to make sense to you. This is why we would strongly recommend ‘Changing Behavior’ by Georgianna Donadio as the self-help primer for most transformational needs.

We call ‘Changing Behavior’ a primer because of the following reasons:

1. It is written very well in simple language that anyone can understand. Many self-help books attempt to present themselves as the ‘everyman’ guide but ‘Changing Behavior’ actually provides clear, concise and profoundly impactful advice in an easy format with real words for real people.

2. The book is presented as a workbook. No one wants to read a novel type self-help book that holds onto the ‘secret to happiness’ until the end or perhaps hidden within the verbosity of the author. Dr. Donadio cuts through this with her Whole Health Education philosophy.

3. This book tackles all unhealthy behavior rather than just one. Dr. Donadio is not fooling around. She is undertaking unhealthy lifestyles from obesity to alcoholism and attacking them with healthy communication techniques so that the client can express rather repress.

‘Changing Behavior’ is a great book for anyone ready to make changes in their lives.

CoupleDumb was provided a copy of ‘Changing Behaviors’. As always, all opinions are our own and they haven’t printed enough money to make us change them (but we aren’t crazy and will entertain offers ;-)).

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