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We will be honest. Lee and I moved to California to be closer to the artistic environment. We needed to be near Hollywood and ‘the industry’. Neither of us wants to be actors but, as writers, we needed a certain mindset that we can only find in Los Angeles or New York. Please understand that writing is a business so we need to act like celebrities do generate buzz so that we get more readers. It is all very complicated.

So we signed up on a new social network site call Celebstir. It is for celebs, artists and fans to link up in some way. On one hand, it definitely has the head shots with women looking seductive, which I am not certain is the best idea for a professional network. On the other hand, it has a lot of good fan stuff. Also the categories for which you can apply are broken down to fans, celebs, agents, and other. Lee and I are trying for the celebrity category. We will see what they say.

Now I do not expect Angelina and Brad to be posting baby pics on this site but I can see this social network being fun for D-List celebs or for A-listers that want to get some play. This is the kind of site that Ashton Kutcher might use.

Please take a look and follow us on the site. Maybe we can grow a fan base there. We can be like Wayne Dyer but we will talk about sex.

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