Celebrity Smackdown: The Perez and Madonna Shadows

Too much tanning spray.

          Since we are discussing shadows this week, we think it has become pretty obvious why we love to smackdown celebrities.  Obviously these celebs possess qualities that trigger us and spark the ire of our shadows. All this is a nice way of saying that there are latent parts in us that either do the same thing or are activated by their behaviors. Enough of the blah blah, let’s get to smacking! So who shall we smack today? We figured we would discuss why it is that there are certain celebs that are just hated. However, we will go on record as stating we do not hate anyone. We judge them, yes. But we don’t hate.

          Lee says: One of the celebs that is hated by many web sites is Perez Hilton. I personally have no issue with him and have never been triggered by his antics. People seem to focus on the fact that he has made his career and fortune from making fun of celebrities, drawing penises, hating and doing things those other gossip mavens would not do. Methinks there are many shadows getting whipped up around here. 

          I love this one since it is so easy to analyze. People hate Perez because he says what you wish you could and in many cases you do say it! You may not say it in public where someone can hear you and perhaps judge you to be a mean person. Outing people or saying that someone is ugly is something that we all may think of doing but few of us has the balls to do it. Its not that Perez is a bad guy; it has more to do with the critics envying his ability to say and do things that they feel they can’t. That is pure shadow!

          However I would be remised if I did not point out some of Perez’s shadows as well. Perez says that he hates hypocrisy which is his justification for being brutally honest. This would be his shadow. Somewhere he has a shadow that is a hypocrite and it will do things like convince him he doesn’t care what people say about him and yet it hurts him just like everyone else. It hurts him all the way to the bank. We could pretend all we want that we don’t care but if you didn’t you would be a sociopath and instead of drawing dicks on people you would be shooting them with a spear-gun (because real guns are icky!)

          To be fair, we must revisit a celebrity we have maligned and smacked multiple times. Of course we are referring to Madonna, the prime example of responsibility and integrity (cough, cough). So what is the trigger here? What annoys me about Madonna the most is her lack of responsibility especially when it comes to her using sex to sell herself. I don’t believe she is talentless. I believe her talent is in shocking people. So this is where the shadow comes in. I do the same thing. I’ll admit that I have been known to be controversial on many occasions and, like Madonna, I am not above whoring myself and my kin to get what I want (check out the soon to be published Miami Herald article on us where we actually put our 2 year old in the picture ~ shake your money makers Mommy).

          At the end of the day, we must all realize that what you hate you perpetrate! I am aware why I react to the Madonnas and Kanyes of this world. Are you?   

          Paul says: I really really don’t like Madonna so I must have a shadow that is a talentless whore with man arms. Oh no, now my shadow is sleeping with a kid 50 years younger. Now my shadow is adopting a dozen little Malawian babies. Bad, shadow.

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  • Bob

    OK, celebrity smackdown. Lets talk Donney Osmond, Aka Donnie, Donald, Don, Dong, OSMOND. Yes he is my shadow, Mr. Osmond attitude, He a wanna-be, fake, almost made it singer. There is something that bother me about him. So, my dark shadow is still forthcoming.

    Please no help from the stands! Kanye West, Madonna, Hilton are assholes, so I guess I am an asshole to!

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