Celebrity Smackdown : Helena Bonham Carter

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          For this week’s celebrity smackdown, we thought we would keep it simple. We are in the middle of awards season in Hollywood and for the most part, no one has raped our vision except for Helena Bonham Carter at the Globes. First, we would like to tell you that we have loved Helena since ‘Room with a View’. We go way back with this whacktress. We lurve her like a fat kid loves cake. We have nothing but nice things to say about her acting but her clothing reminds us of a psychotic person dressing themselves. So this smackdown is really an intervention.


          We will keep this brief since we know you are busy acting up a storm and being remarkable. We love you. We have been big fans for years. However, we will remind you that dressing as you does put you in danger of being 5150’d (involuntary psychiatric hold).  Mismatched shoes are cute on little kids but it just seems sad on an adult. You know the sad you feel when you see old people eating Jello. Also, sure she is a great character but you don’t have to always look like Bellatrix LeStrange. 

           We know you can clean up your act because we have seen your movies. Perhaps buying a brush or comb for the home to start? Perhaps condition Tim Burton’s hair? Make it a game!

          Good luck on February 26, 2011. You were great in ‘King’s Speech’. Did you happen to keep any of the clothes?

          Love CoupleDumb

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