Celebrity Smackdown: Drs. Phil and Laura

All good advice comes from there.

Now, we aren’t ones to talk smack about people unless, of course, they really deserve it. This week we are focusing on advice and the people who peddle it. Many people are wondering, what’s the big deal? Why would CoupleDumb spend a few days concentrating on something as innocuous as advice? The answer is obvious. Some people out there actually listen to some of these hypocrites. The business of advice is alive and well, folks. The only way we’re going to kill this hydra is to do a Celebrity Smackdown on all these advice peddlers.

Here’s my problem with these people. As a trained therapist, you learn early on that you don’t give advice. Advice comes from a place of ‘I know and you don’t’. It separates you from the person with the problem because you feel superior. It’s hard to empathize when you feel incredibly superior to your client or guest. So when I hear about frauds like Dr. Laura or Dr. Phil, I wonder what happened to their last names.  I’m kidding. I wonder what happened to their ability to feel. I wonder why they felt it was better to be hard core, no-nonsense pithy saying purveyors instead of real agents of change.

          Dr. Laura is an interesting one since she has actually convinced people she has any authority whatsoever. The fact that her doctorate is in physiology should alert people to the fact that she is someone who is heavy duty denial of who she really is. So she was certified as a Marriage and Family Counselor in California many years ago but if she maintained any ethics whatsoever, she would drop the doctor all together.

          At first, she passed herself off as an expert. Then she tried to convince us that her integrity was beyond reproach.  Funny how some titty pics are the great levelers in our society. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Then came the information that she was unfaithful in her first marriage and assisted in the dissolution of another marriage. We soon found out that she lived with her hubby for many years and even had a baby out of wedlock. This from the woman who berates and humiliates people for doing the exact same thing she did. Now, if she would have said from the beginning that she was a titty flashing, unfaithful, marriage breaking, bastard having woman then her words may carry a little more weight in my book. Denying who you are is just one of those minor things that set me off. Call it a quirk but lack of integrity is my biggest pet peeve.

          I could mention her opinions of homosexuals but do I really need to waste anymore space on this bitch?

          Then we have Dr. Phil. At least this guy actually has a psychology degree. Sure he’s been sanctioned by the ethics board for having a dual relationship (in plain English-he was either diddling a client or gave one a job. Either way, big no-no), but he at least has an understanding about psychology that Dr. Laura probably doesn’t. What chaps my butt with this guy is the gross commercialism of his practice. Yes, I am calling his show a practice since people come to him with problem and they expect him to intervene.

          The cases I am referring to are Britney Spears and OctoMom. To pursue clients like this just cheapens the psychology field in general.  Targeting the crazy bitch du jour to have on your show makes you look bad, Dr. Phil. But if you insist on doing that, do it right. Get licensed in California, get a van with a cool crisis team and go after those crazy bitches with a vengeance. Tranq them and throw them in the back, then bring them to your show for you to work your magic and say shit like, ‘A dog never peed on a moving car’ and other gems like that. Maybe you can go over to Dr. Laura’s house first and try to find out what happened to your last names. Don’t worry; this is just some friendly advice.       


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  • Bill

    I don’t know how I came across this blog… but WTF?

    I hate Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura’s shows… but who cares?

    If I had to defend her, I would say that other than being a self righteous B***H, she is trying to deal with idiots in a 7 minute segment. That requires some hardcore slicing and dicing.
    Any one who would subject themselves to 5 minutes of counseling in front of millions of people deserve exactly what they get.

    I don’t know sh*t about anything… but if I could get paid millions to share what I don’t know… I’d do it!

    Quit hating. You are brilliant. You have a blog that 10 people read. They are dummys with millions of followers…. all of who drive them to the bank.

    • Bill, thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by. We don’t hate, we judge. There is a difference. Yes it’s negligible but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

      As for our 10 readers, you would make that 11. This is a great opportunity to check out our Google Rank, sweety. We’ve been around for 9 months and have that rank. That’s all thanks to guys like you who land on our site and say WTF?

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