Celebrity Shout Out : No H8

 Hating = Bad. Facepainting = Good.

          Happy Celebrity Shout Out Day! Yes, we have changed our wicked ways in time to celebrate this blessed holiday season. We smile and decorate while others walk around panicked, spouting bah and humbug while frantically finishing their shopping. Not us! We were done long ago and now we spend our time drinking eggnog and gathered around the Christmas Tree, Yule Bush or Bush Noel recounting holidays past and telling the story of the birth of Jesus. Every night! Do you think we should pay our cable bill? Anyways, we are taking a breaking from smacking down celebrities who are examples of who not to be in the world of relationships. Whether they are poor role models of life or just cautionary tales, they are merely teaching tools for us to show what not to do to be happy.

          This week our ‘shout out’ goes to the second organization which we will be supporting for the next 365 days. CoupleDumb has made it clear that we support equality for all. We have chosen the No H8 Campaign and the celebrities (both major and minor) and people who have shown their support for equality by participating in the photo shoot. It is a silent protest with photos from all over the world. Our voices, which are just as important as the Vocal Minority (extreme religious), have been silenced and so we unite in powerful images to show that Love is a right for everyone. We will be wearing white and painting NO H8 on our face before the end of the year and sending it in to show our support. You should do it too! Our belief is that everyone is entitled to love and marriage. It is our faith and hope that 2010 will be the year of love.

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