Catfishing – The Kind That Needs A Computer

We usually don’t watch a lot of reality TV when we are home. The extent of our viewing of this type of programming is “So you think you can dance” because it’s low on drama and high on pretty. However, when we are in a hotel and our choices become limited, we allow some of the horrors of reality TV to seep into our visual field. One such program that caught our attention like rubber necking a highway accident was MTV’s “Catfishing”. As relationship experts, we knew this stuff was happening but to see the people who get hurt and the perpetrators get caught brought a whole new element to this heinous practice.

But he tells you that he is a shark

For those of you who live in a bubble, catfishing is the term given to people who use social media and other non face-to-face types of communication to hide their identity and create relationships. The people who do this usually have the intention hiding their identity because:

1. They are liars and are doing this as a joke.

2. They are ashamed of who they are or how they look and catfishing allows them to be someone else thus lying to the person with which they are communicating.

3. Is a variation of 2 and usually is done between people who know each other but the catfisher is pretending to be someone else like a secret admirer.

This week we are going to address several related topics as we explore the wonderful world of on-line dating. Come back tomorrow where we will discuss why someone would do this. We promise to use many expletives.

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