WTF of the Week: Chris Brown’s ‘Apology’

World? This is Lee. I didn’t choose to be cynical. I try really hard every day to look at the beauty of life and the miracle of creation. I try to focus on all the good in the world and eschew the negative. I pray to God, create intentions, chant, meditate, praise and worship 24/7 to keep that healthy glow about me and know that the sun will come out tomorrow. That’s right. I fuckin’ love tomorrow! But it is so hard to keep that sunny disposition when assholes like Chris Brown come out with shit like this!

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WTF of the Week: The Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Death

We have been vocal about Michael Jackson and we felt we were being a little rough until Rep. King opened his mouth. After him we feel we’ve been total wusses! We can see having an opinnion and sharing it with the press once. However, this dude apparently needs to hold press conferences in his offices and keep spouting the same shit. Michael was pervert. Michael was a pedophile that got away with it.

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WTF of the Week: Michael Jackson.

For years now we knew that Farrah Fawcett had cancer. In the last few months, it was being reported that she was losing her battle with the dreaded disease. She finally succumbed to the illness on Thursday morning, surrounded by family and friends. While the world began to mourn her, we hear that Michael Jackson was in cardiac arrest and all of a sudden, no more Farrah.

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