Conversation Party

CoupleDumb started out with a simple goal; we believed that people could have healthy, loving relationships if they just stopped doing certain ‘dumb’ things. We continue to believe this and apparently, we are not the only ones. is also committed to this proposal. They are providing their readers a library of videos and articles, all related to relating, so that we can change the conversation of relationships.

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Belly Bag

We can’t imagine what it would be like to have one of our children diagnosed with a deadly illness. We have experienced being told that our child is blind and deaf but the prospect of fighting death is something we have no desire to experience. These issues came up while we were pregnant with our 7 year old. With the advent of new sciences and stem cell research, cord blood became as valuable as gold to desperate parents.

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The Rules According To CoupleDumb

So now that you know what a relationship is, you may be asking yourself, ‘CoupleDumb, what are the rules for healthy relationships?’ (Seriously, call us Lee and Paul or Mr. and Mrs. Reyes-Fournier. CoupleDumb is so formal.) We have set down some rules here before but some bear repeating since it seems that people are still making mistakes in relationships. We’ll start out slow and finish with a bang!

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