Disney And Sex

It’s sexy time on CoupleDumb but on Tuesday, it’s all about the children. And when it comes to kids, we just don’t want to talk about the S word. However, if you look at statistics and TV, kids probably spend more time speculating about sex than we do. It is really sad that children are no longer able to be kids anymore. We are constantly worried about our children growing too fast and yet we keep them in a media soaked incubator of innuendo and images. Let’s tone this down a smidge for the kids, shall we?

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Kids Are A Stupid Reason To Break Up…Or Not

Kids are resilient and smart and kind and giving and funny and precious and powerful and scary and stinky and dirty. Kids can handle so much more than they are given credit. A kid is only as badass as we allow them to be when not hovering or coddling them. Something that they can’t handle all too well is half-assed parenting. This is why we have come to the second stupid reason for breaking up – kids.

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Calling All Dads

This week we are in the midst of defining and praising Daddies! Parents are vital to emotional, physical, spiritual growth of a child. Unfortunately for Dads, society tends to believe that the role of mother is more important. A mother provides the vessel with which cells are united and ultimately grow to be a beautiful baby. The Mother then can provide all the nutrition a baby needs for the first few months of life. The Mother provides warmth and safety and love and hugs. Let’s face it, Mom’s have great P.R.. So where does that leave Daddy?

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