The Rules Are Stupid

The rules of relationship have nothing to do with farm animals and dairy products. If you go with the ‘wisdom’ of that book a while back, The Rules had everything to do with playing head games, not being yourself, being a tease and keeping the mystery. CoupleDumb is here to say, WRONG! These rules are an affront to healthy relationships! If this is the stuff you are teaching your kids, they will be miserable. Yes, we are saying ‘The Rules’ are stupid!

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Never Let Them See You Sweat

This week is dedicated to wives. Are you doing everything you can to be the best? Now before you get upset that we are focusing on wives, just know that Paul is currently writing tips for husbands for next week. That’s right! The perfect husband is going to give up his secrets. But today is Tuesday and we dedicate this day to parenting. Today’s suggestion is directed to the wife/mother. How do you balance the two and be the best at both?

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Are Your Kids Cute?

Are your children attractive? Yes, we did it. We just asked you to really look at your child and assess their relative beauty. Oh sure, mommy and daddy think that junior is a stud even though one eye is a full two inches lower than the other. And despite little Susie’s tooth that is growing through her upper lip, she is very pretty. So take a moment of this fine Tuesday and look at your kids with an objective observer’s eye.

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