The Evil Step Parent Myth

Does the evil step-parent myth still exist? You bet! Any adult entering a relationship with a person with children must take into account the ramifications of becoming a parent figure to those children. This is why it is harder for people with children to find a partner. Many are spooked by the possibility that they could be the evil step parent or worse, be stuck with a child that will vilify them forever. Many parents are oblivious to how heavily influenced the role of step parent and step child are by the media. There are so few happy stories out there of happy, healthy blended families. We know that the horror stories are just louder than the happy ones.

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Question About The Blended Family

We hear lots of stories of divorce and remarriage. We hear of the attempt to unite two families or introduce kids to step parents and step siblings. These issues are not new. Heck, we were watching Brady Bunch back in the early 70’s where they were dealing with the same issues. Yes, Carol and Mike were widowers but the melding of two families is just as poignant as it was back then as it is now. And, yes, divorce adds a deeper wrinkle to the creation of a new family dynamic. We also need to consider the dynamics of adoptive children with birth children since adoption is more common than ever!

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In-Laws and Religion

Why is it that most married couples have an in-law story? It is amazing how many different ways in-laws can violate a couple’s boundaries. Today we have yet another question regarding faith and religion.

What is the best course of action when your in-laws take it upon themselves to educate your child about religion specifically when you are not around even though they know it is against your wishes?

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Time Or Money

A recent study by Parents magazine and The Center for the Next Generation asked parents whether they would like 10,000 dollars or an extra hour of quality time with their family. 2/3 of the respondents chose the money. Look, times are tough and 10 grand could ease up the stress a bit. However, this answer is not just an indication of economic times or even a smart fiscal decision. It is the root to family issues everywhere. When we choose money or work or ambition or advancement over family, that choice is not selfless.

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Gifted Children Are Special Needs Too

Special needs means a lot. When a child is labeled as special needs, this activates a whole system that is mandated by law and implemented by educational professionals. Perhaps you have little faith in our educational system but we have total faith in the system and the professionals that run it. No, this does not mean we throw our children into a public school and hope for good results. We have educated ourselves, consulted with experts (Aida Reyes- Check her out) and advocated for our kids with the same ferocity of a grizzly caring for her cubs. One of the things people do not acknowledge and do not see as special needs is when you happen to be the parent of a gifted child.

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Tips For Parenting A Special Needs Child

We are talking about parenting a special needs kid this week. If you are a regular reader, you know that we are speaking from experience. Our oldest is legally blind, hard of hearing, has left side weakness due to a stroke at birth and is on the spectrum (Asperger’s). Our little girl is now 19 and in college three states away. Many have told us that we did a great job but we must give credit where credit is due. Our daughter is the most stubborn, hard headed, oppositional, pain in the ass we have ever met. And, thanks to that, she has achieved the impossible.

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