Party Time

My brother-in-law’s (Lee’s brother) is a couple days off of mine which is right around Halloween. Since I have been married, we have had a Halloween/Birthday party for the two of us. They started as simple family and friends parties but grew to really big family and friends parties. By the time we left Miami, a party with two hundred […]

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Invisalign was not around when I was 7 years old

The other night I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on Invisalign and all I could think about was “Invisalign was not around when I was 7 years old”. When they asked me to write about my experience with braces all I could think was, “So you want me to talk about all those school pictures where I don’t smile?” It sounds funny but it wasn’t. I was born with a horrible under-bite which made my smile look more like a bulldog. The worst part was that my Orthodontist, Dr. Weiner, and no, I didn’t make that up, had one too!!! His smile was horrible! At the tender age of 7 my orthodontic experiences began and just got worse from there.

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As a consultant, I spend some time reading about other consultants. It is important to me to know who else is out there and what services they perform. I am noticing that consultants have become very niche in their markets. For example, I was looking at Rusty Solomon. He is a management consultant that specializes in the mortgage and title […]

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