Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This year will be a little different for me. For the last 11 years I have celebrated this special day with some very special women. Of course, I am blessed to still have my Mom and it is always great to spend time with her. When I was a child, Mother’s Day was really a chance for the family to get together and have a picnic. The men would char meat and we would all play a contentious game of softball. Sure, the game should have been friendly but Reyes’ do not lose gracefully (or win for that matter). I became a Mom in 1993 and Mother’s Day became very different. I wasn’t satisfied with a day of sweating in a park and muscle strain on the field. I wanted something nice!

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Making Hashbrains

I use to think I was finicky until I became a Mommy. My daughter taught me the true meaning of being a picky eater. She spent over a year when she was a wee thing where she would only eat soup! I spent years hiding veggies in her meals. To date, she doesn’t realize what is in some of her favorite dishes. Had she know, she would have never have eaten them. Today, she is an adult and apparently she will eat a myriad of things that I would have thought were completely off-limits. I guess ‘try it’ was not a bad idea after all.

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Looking at a auto loan calculator

Let’s give you the run down one more time. We recently moved from Miami, Florida to the mountains of Southern California. This was a shocking move for everyone. It was even shocking for my car. You see, we have a Miami car. It is a two wheel drive mini-van. In Miami, on the rare days when the temperature dropped below 40, all of the lights in the car would turn on. We figured out that that was because it does not have a ‘Holy crap, it’s cold’ light.

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