Win Big with Groupizo’s Pin to Win Design Contest!

Who has designed a t-shirt for a fundraiser or simply for an event? Most of these great designs are lost in the servers of the companies who produce the shirts, never to be seen again. What if there was a company who helped you design your shirts, set your price point and do all the work for you? What if you could take your design and use it to raise funds for your organization?

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Planning A Honeymoon You Will Always Remember

Your honeymoon will be one of the most important times in your life. From the euphoria of the wedding, you are supposed to be swept up in a whirlwind of romance as you leave the country for foreign climes. Of course, these vacations, like weddings, don’t plan themselves. Perhaps one of the most important elements of planning the whole wedding, the honeymoon requires thought, planning and prearrangement to ensure you have somewhere to go to celebrate when you are newly wed. But where should you go, and what factors should you be considering to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime?

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Happy Anniversary

Today we are celebrating a special couple who has been married for 54 years. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mami and Daddy!! My parents have one of those harrowing stories of survival and separation due to impending death and reunion and intrigue and success and struggle and more success. You know, typical love story. Join us in wishing them a very happy 54th […]

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