Why to F^^k

Why…..Is the hardest thing you ever have to answer. ‘Why’ is the root cause, the impetus, the answer to the riddle… ‘Why’ we do anything has been the question since the beginning of recorded time. In fact, there is a whole school of thought in psychology that says, ‘forget why, just focus on the what’ because we don’t have the time to wait for that answer. Well, CoupleDumb is not from that school. We are what you would call, ‘Old School’. We are all about the ‘why’. We are all about getting to the motivation, traumas and decisions. Only when we answer ‘why’ can we move on to ‘what’s next’.

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5 ways To Have a Healthy Divorce, Numbers 4 and 5

So, you just got a divorce. It is January, after all. This is national divorce month. You have tried to be civil. You have tried to be rational but let’s face it, if a hole opened in the ground and sucked your ex down into hell where the scum belongs, you would not be crushed. Yes, you still have those fantasies of your ex-spouse dissolving into the aether, never to be seen again. After all, why did you get a divorce if you still have to deal with your heartbreaker? Unfortunately now you share kids or dogs or fish or credit cards or a house or health insurance.

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Globalization, The Tea Party, and Us Versus Them

Americans are isolationists. At least that is what we were taught in high school. Admittedly, Texas may be drafting a new educational curriculum that portrays the United States as the Florence Nightingale of the world, tripping around hand-in-hand with Mexico and Canada, passing out flowers and sandwiches. Until they do, we will stick with the idea that American’s do not care about the rest of the world, unless they try to blow us up.

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