No Esteem. No Bra. No Problem.

Yesterdays post, coupled with a very nice afternoon together, got us talking and thinking about the experience I mentioned. We thought it very interesting that we started with disparate interpretations but ultimately ended up in the same place. Since Paul promised to continue his insights to the experience, we figured we would continue the talk today. We know we are supposed to be answering reader questions so here is the question that we asked ourselves: You mentioned that a few weeks after you were married Paul asked Lee to go to dinner without wearing a bra? Why was that incident so memorable?

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Yes, I called them chattel

Pilar asks: Does a child from 13 to whatever age 17, 18, 19 have the right to privacy? I mean if we are concerned about something regarding your son/daughter don’t we have the right to go into their myspace for example. I have been talking to several parents and they seem to think if they are living under my roof they have no privacy. My thoughts exactly but some parents believe it’s unethical to go through their myspace.

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Early Education

Being that we have been happily, romantically married 20 years, we set up this site touting ourselves as gurus of the marriage and family realm. OK, maybe not gurus. Better said, we are paladins, fanatically hacking and slashing away at society’s sick and broken concepts of relationship all the while leaving behind a wake of broken and bloodied carnage. We […]

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