Why do some relationships work while others don’t?

CoupleDumb has been writing about relationships for nearly 4 years. We have tackled a lot of subjects regarding relationships and revisited the same subjects as the years have progressed. We have written and posted over 1000 posts and we still have 1000’s more to write. The subject of relationships is just as rich today as it was 4 years ago. The funny thing is that we are still asked the same questions. Why do some relationships work while others don’t? What is the secret to a happily ever after? And finally, how do you fix what’s seems broken?

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Antisocial Media

I have always been a social person. As a child, I made friends and fostered relationships like a regular kid. As a teenager, I was more reserved but was still able to relate and converse. As an adult, I have always been selective. One thing I have always been terrible at was maintaining long-distance relationships. I didn’t write letters and was leery of opening myself up to rejection by reaching out to others. So, the internet was something akin to a personality reformat. I could reach out and, although I could be rejected, I found that few people would do that to me.

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