Heart Of Haiti

The holidays are around the corner. Everybody knows someone or many someones who have everything. It is getting harder to shop for them every year. We suggest purchasing a gift that gives back. The Heart of Haiti campaign was created to help Haitian artisans. Aside from the masterful craftsmanship in each piece, you are directly affecting the lives of Haitians. Rebuilding after the horrible earthquake of 2010 has not been easy especially for those who were already lining in poverty. The Heart of Haiti campaign empowers these artists to create and earn enough to help their families.

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Hands Only CPR

There is a new way to do CPR. It is called Hands Only CPR. Since people in this germ-phobic do not want to put their mouth on another person’s (unless they know them romantically), the American Heart Association and the Ad Council have started a new campaign and created an app to teach this new CPR technique. Take a look.

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Save The Ta-Tas

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to get your lady for Valentines? Chocolate and flowers are nice but roses die and chocolate is well…a regret waiting to happen. Since V-day is a day of love, wouldn’t it be better to get something that both of you would enjoy? We strongly recommend you get your lady some

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