Casseroles For The Homeless

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          Christmas is a time of giving! When it comes to our kids, we tend to forget that they need to learn that part of the holiday as well. We spend so much time focusing on their Christmas list that we miss the opportunity to teach them how rewarding it is to give. Here at CoupleDumb, giving back has been a way of life for a while. We have both worked in the non-profit sector and championed causes to end homelessness. Working with the homeless gives you a different perspective on this issue and we have made it our mission to do what we can for the cause. This is why this year, we rolled up our sleeves along with many parents from La Scuola, and made casseroles for Camillus house.

          We made 3 casseroles and we know the kids at school also participated in cooking some in their classrooms. These meals are then frozen, collected and cooked to feed at least 10 people! The Casserole Program makes things really easy by providing recipes, directions and even the aluminum pan and lid for your convenience. The idea is simple and yet brilliant.

          Getting your kids involved in giving back during the holiday season is the first step to raising caring, compassionate children. We applaud La Scuola for its commitment to provide a holistic education for the kids (and their parents!).  The lessons they will learn this holiday season go way beyond the three Rs and delve into the existential. Why are we here? We believe the holidays make the answer to that question rather simple. We are here to love and be loved.

          It’s not too late if you are in the Miami Dade area. Check out the Camillus Website with the recipes then cook something yummy for the homeless. Rest assured, knowing that you did your part to feed 10 people that day. Now if that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, what will?

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