Calling All Angels

This is not angel porn, you perv!

          Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwaanza and the Best Yule Tme everyone! Happy Holidays for those a little leary of acknowledging the religious overtones to those words. We understand. We were raised to believe that this time of year we celebrated and welcomed our savior into the world; the only son of the Father being born in a manger. In fact, in 1969, Lee was at a hardware store with her parents and found the most incredible manger. It cost $9.99! It might as well have been a million but her parents bought it. 40 years later, that same manger is under our tree. Does it define everything or merely confuse the purpose of the season?

          Lee says: Christmas is here. There is no stopping it. While people debate the name of this time of year and complain about commercialism, we can’t help but think that these are all excuses to convilute the true meaning for all humanity. Whether you believe in a Judeo-Christian construct of God or are open to a higher power in the universe, there are forces in and around us that are not easily explained.

          This is the time of year where we seek the sign of compassion and celestial intervention. We seek to find a glimmer of the hope we talk about all year. We have created all these celebrations which honor the miraculous and call on the good of man to keep these feelings going. In Chanukah we marvel at how the oil lasted for 8 days and Kwaanza celebrates the abundance of life. In Christmas we celebrate the hope of man through Jesus Christ who ultimately gave us a get out of jail free card; the ultimate gift. So where is our miracles and salvation today? Does it come in a wrapped gift with a pretty bow?

          This is where Ghandi comes in and we must be the light we want to see in the world. I do believe in angels but I trust in the beauty of man and that we are giving and loving. I encourage each one of you to be someone’s Santa, angel or loving intervention. I have faith that people will take up the call and be the sign that a person needs to keep going, to regain their hope in a world that has been turning towards fear and hate. Hope, redemption, salvation are not words exclusive to religion. Everyone needs them. Be the person who gives this gift to someone this year and don’t worry how you wrap it.      

          Paul says: When Lee suggested we make ‘Calling all Angels’ the theme of this post, I did what I always do and started to research angels. The funny thing about angels is that, on one hand, they don’t do much and, on the other, they change the world. In Biblical history, the only thing that the angels did was talk. And you know that Lee and I are all about the communication.

          As much as I love the idea of donning a jerkin and carrying a sword (I pause now for some dirty sexy role-playing thoughts before returning to writing about angels) being angel-like means saying words of hope, safety and inspiration. That’s what angels do. Now we know that there are hoards of them and that they can kick ass in Archangel Michael-like glory but really the only thing that is written is that they swing by and deliver a message that something good will be happening, we’re up to the challenge and that God loves us. Then they point, wink, say ‘Ciao’ and disappear.

          We can do that. Maybe not the disappearing part, but the rest is pretty easy. How different would our world be if each of us let one person know that they were safe, loved and generally awesome? I am not talking about picking up some Dickens street urchin and trying to change their life (though you can go for it if you are up to the challenge) but try building up that mom that is full of worry that there just isn’t enough money, time or ‘her-ness’ to go around. Or the dad that stays silent because he doesn’t want to hurt his kids like he was hurt.

          You get the idea. There are people out there that can use an ‘it’s all good’, followed by a point, wink and ‘Ciao’ to make their day a little bit better. You can do that.

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  • hey All!!!

    As for your article! Well Done! Thank you for spreading the word and making this world a better place. Let’s all listen to this call. Drop the have-to’s, and what it looks like, and just be Peace, Love and Hope… at least for a 15 minutes! Try it and see what it feels like? Merry Christmas!!! Hope you all have a peaceful and restful holiday!

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