Call Your Mami

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I love my Mami. Last Summer, we moved 3000 miles away from her. My Mother would say that I was her ‘brazo derecho’ but it is a lot of pressure to be your Mom’s right arm. It was not easy to leave her and even harder since at the same time she was losing her Mom as well. However, we all need to make our way in the world and leaving your parents, for the third time, is sometimes necessary as well.

Once of the promises that I made when I left is that we would speak every day. Perhaps it is a little different for Latin families. Perhaps the distance between us reminded my Mother of her distance from her mother when she left Cuba. Regardless of the reason, my Mother insisted on the daily call. We are lucky that we can call each other easily however, some of my family members are not so lucky. Sometimes a call home is hit or miss and extremely expensive.

This is why the advent of calling cards was such a godsend to individuals with loved ones in another country. My family has used calling cards to contact our relatives in Cuba for years. Some cards come with expiration dates and limited calling availability. Some cards are a cruel way of ripping off people who just want to call home. I have had an  aunt ripped off more than once with these types of cards.

If you are unable to use email to communicate with loved ones out of the country, we would suggest reading this consumer report on prepaid calling cards.

Hopefully, this weekend when you call your Mami, you can have a nice long conversation without interruptions (except for the occasional guilt trip).

We are honored to work with #LATISM who is funding this campaign to help Latinos shop wisely for prepaid cards.

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