Buy Two Get the Third Free on Eyeglasses

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We just hopped onto the internet to buy some glasses because Zenni Optical has a buy two get one free sale going. As you may know, we are fans. This is not one of those situations where we write about them without really knowing their stuff. We use them all of the time. Our daughter, the blind one, has three pair of glasses from them. Lee uses them for her glasses. We tell friends and family about them.

You can order prescription eyeglasses for as low as $6.95. And they are good glasses. They are fashionable and sturdy. Yes, I need to mention durability. Remember that our daughter has been wearing glasses since she was a very little girl. Ok, she still is a little girl in that she is only four foot something but I mean little by age. When you have a small child running around with glasses, durability is of utmost importance. If they are not strong then they last a matter of minutes in an active child’s hands.

Take a look at their site. They have all kinds of styles for men and women, adults and children. You can do bifocals and tint on their site also.

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