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The power of psychological foreplay can be seen everywhere. Psychological foreplay is visual, tactile and aural. It is your fantasy playing out in your head. It is the right words at the most inappropriate time. It is flustering your partner. When done right, psychological foreplay is the savior of any marriage. It constantly reminds the couples that, before the kids were around, this is how we spoke with each other. It brings the sexy back.

These are a few things to do to create an aura of psychological foreplay in your relationship:

  • Don’t be embarrassed to say naughty things: Dirty talk is great but it does not need to be descriptive. Innuendo is better for psychological foreplay since it requires the recipients to fill in the blank which will allow them to insert their own fantasy into the equation. When we let our brains take the ball and run, it will bring about the arousal much faster and it will keep your brain busy and away from scheduling and stressors.
  • The phone is your friend: Phone sex was all the rage but it requires some privacy to actually consummate the act. The reality is that just the talk should be enough. Texting is another great use for your cell phone when you are in a meeting or sitting watching your kid do karate. Remember you are priming the pump not filling up the bucket.
  • The look: Many parents forget about being a couple when surrounded by their brood. Mealtimes or family time is usually chaotic and stressful. This is where you give your partner ‘the look’. Make sure they see you and add a lascivious smirk for bonus points. This look can be interpreted in many ways by the brain but someone who is receiving a sexy psychological assault will respond.
  • Touch: A backhanded brush of an erogenous zone. There is a huge difference between being sexy and sexual. Sexy is light touch as you walk by your lover. Sexual is ramming your hand down their pants. Both are foreplay but one has more of an effect with less energy. Our nerve endings go on alert when we a psychological prepared for tough. When we receive light touches our body perceives the tactile sensation and our minds fill in the blanks. When the touch is from our lovers then the blanks are filled with explicit sexual thoughts.

We know that being a parent is a very important job. We understand that concentrating on giving your child the best upbringing is your number one concern. But, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be happy. Studies have shown that when parents are a loving, happy couple, the children are well adjusted. Without having to go on several family holidays or forcing discussions at the dinner table or giving in to every whim your child may have, a kid will be happiest when their parents are happy.

We know that half of all marriages end in divorce. Studies show that nearly 35-60% of all marriages report sexual dissatisfaction. Studies also show that sexual satisfaction correlates positively with marriage satisfaction. And, studies show that sexual dissatisfaction predicts divorce 3 years later.  These numbers are dire but there is hope. All it takes is focusing on your relationship.

If there were anything you could do to ensure sexual satisfaction in your marriage, would you do it?

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