Break The Ice

Two things that we are fans of are relationships and apps. Remember that our whole CoupleDumb premise is that people do stupid things to screw up their relationships. So any time that we can have an app to do things like help people date and find relationships, we are all for it. So take a look at Break the Ice! – iTunes App Store. It is a mobile phone app that allows you to find singles in your area and arrange dates, which is perfect as we approach Valentine’s Day.

The Break the Ice! – Website indicates that it uses location-based technology so that you are finding people that are local, not a billion miles away. Yes, relationships are good but long distance relationships can be very difficult.  If your smartphone is Android based, you can also go to Break the Ice! – Google Play and download the app that way.

Finding a date means that you actually need to make some type of connection. Like finding a job, a date will not come knocking on your door unless you actually ask. A dating app is just as good as any other means to meet people and find the relationship that you are looking for.

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