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We have two boys. Lee handled our daughter when she was younger and told her all about the facts of life and the birds and the bees. I did not envy her. I could not imagine having to explain hygiene and periods and shaving your legs mostly because I never went through that. Now, I have two boys and it has been made abundantly clear that I am to deal with these talks with our young guys as they move into becoming young men. Even though I went through it, I have no idea what to say! Luckily, Terri Shearer Trenchard wrote a book called “Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts of Life” and she answers any and every question they may have and many of the topics that I would have probably forgotten.Facts Of Life

She covers the biological changes they will go through including hormones. She talks about sex in a very understandable and thorough manner. But my favorite part is when she goes into detail about deodorant and being clean. Her Real Deal Action Challenges get boys to take on some of the responsibility for becoming educated about their own bodies and the process of puberty. She talks about how to shave (correctly), sniffing clothes and even Pier Pressure (she asks the question- If someone told you to jump off a pier…). That last one speaks to the general stupid nature of boys during that age and with the advent of video and Jackass movies, she is right on target.

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As a guy, I can tell you that I received absolutely no instructions on puberty. No one took the time to explain that I was changing and thanks to some schoolyard education, I only knew about sex in the crudest manner until I was older. My boys will not go through that. I will explain to them that this is a natural process of maturity and puberty is a confusing but exciting time. Thanks to “Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts of Life”, boys finally have a book to rely on during this time that will give them the facts without making them feel like a freak.

We were given a book to review and no other compensation. All opinions (and experiences) are our own.

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  • factsoflifebooks

    Paul (and Lee),
    Thanks so much for writing such an outstanding book review for my first virtual book tour. I so enjoyed reading it. Paul, I know you aren’t the only guy who didn’t receive a proper explanation of puberty. Hopefully we parents will do so much better with this generation. Good luck with your two sons.

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