The people at BODYARMOR sent a six-pack of their sports drinks for the boys and me (Paul) to try and review. The concept of exercise is a little different in our world. We live in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, about 7,500 feet up. The boys do karate and the normal running activities of school but most of our physical exertion comes out on the trails, hiking or jogging through the woods. I run three times a week on a trail rated as moderate difficulty, stopping every few minutes to do bodyweight exercises like pushup, pull-ups, and squats.BottleLineup NEW with LL

Unlike when we lived in Miami and I could break a sweat brushing my teeth, maintain perspiration at this altitude is difficult. I sweat but it evaporates so quickly that I do not notice it. Instead of a sensual gleam, I get a layer of salt like I just stepped out of one of those Korean scrubs. Staying hydrated in the thin, dry air of the mountains is quite the chore. It makes it worse that I do not like most of the sports drinks out there. They tend to taste artificial and “salty” to me.

So the three males of the family tested the BODYARMOR sports drinks and we liked them. There is nothing artificial in them and I could tell. They did not have that weird “I am drinking something from a lab” flavor. They tasted more juice like even though they had all kinds of electrolytes and vitamins. I drank the Mango and the Strawberry and the boys had the rest. The eight-year old liked the lemonade the most, pounding it back like he was at a kegger. The kid has the eating habits of a frat boy.

If you would like to try them yourself, BODYARMOR has given us downloadable coupons that you can get by clicking here. You can get the drinks at Ralphs and Stater Bros. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a sponsored review but all opinions are our own.

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