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We can’t talk about our dog and her personalized dog collar without giving you the story of how we got her. We live in Miami-Dade County in Florida and they have a difficult pet adoption system, in our opinion. We are originally from LA where they have a dog pound on every corner. We are pound people and we wanted a dog so we sought out the local Miami pound and found out that there is only one main dog shelter and it is 20 miles away.

Their system is such that you have to go in and ‘reserve’ your pet. Then there is a wait period to give the owners some time to locate their pet before it gets adopted. So here we go…

Make the 45 minute trip, pick a pooch, drive home another 45 minutes, call the next day and get the ‘sorry, someone came and got the dog’.


And repeat.

And repeat again.

I had to work, so Lee was making this trip three times a week with our three year old and eight month old boys. I laid down the edict, ‘go in and find the ugliest, nastiest dog that you can take home today’. She went in, saw a few cute dogs that all had the same ‘wait three days and we will see’ tag on them. And then she saw a dog that would take your breath away with its ugliness. With a jutting jaw, matted hair pointing in every direction but the right one, and looking like an old man with hypertrichosis, this dog had a face that you launch a thousand ships, all moving away from her.

And that ugly dog is our Pecan.

As it turns out, she is a pure bred Brussels Griffon. She is loving and smart but all of her cuteness comes with a caveat of ‘so ugly she is…’.

So when we went to make a dog collar for her and found that he could put a picture on it, we logically opted out. Having an ugly picture of an ugly dog under the face of the ugly dog just was not going to work for us. So instead, we made our small dog collar charm into a little saying. It says, ‘With a face like this, I need the Bling’. Of course, the tag itself is like dog charm jewelry so she thinks she is pretty.

See all of the lovely pictures on Intersect.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but, of course, all opinions are our own. Our dog does not share our opinion of her ugliness. (She’s wrong.)

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  • I need to remind myself to go pee before I read your posts. They always crack me up!

    /shakes head and says to self “With a face like this, I need the Bling”
    Love it. Thanks!

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