Biscayne Restaurant

          We traveled 2000 miles to go from one Biscayne to another but the latter is a world-class restaurant in the Tropicana Hotel. We decided to write the restaurant review separately from the rest because we are foodies and we have so much to rave about. We both cook. We both love food. We love putting it together, experimenting with flavors, and, of course, eating it. 

          The restaurant itself is very unassuming, with white on white décor and simple lines, which is perfect by us since all of the pizzazz is in the food where is should be. How sad for South Florida that the best conch fritters that we have ever had were at Biscayne in Las Vegas. The fritters, with the avocado aioli sauce, where sublime.

          Lee loved the duck chorizo hash with a fried egg. Paul didn’t love this one but don’t worry, he didn’t starve. He was busy eating the Untraditional Scampi, shrimp in a… we don’t know what kind of sauce it was in but it was yummy and different.

          Paul had the fillet mignon, which was perfect and melt-in-our-mouth tender but we are not going to linger on it because other foods upstaged his meal. Probably the stars of the experience were the eggplant lamb tacos. The chef cut eggplant thin, breaded it lightly, and fried it into a taco shell shape. Then he filled it with seasoned lamb shredded ala Ropa Vieja. He married it with goat cheese and the flavor was… excuse us but we need to stop to let our mouths stop watering.

          One of the things that impresses us in the culinary arts is when a chef can take a comfort food and transform it something great without losing the home feel reason you ordered it in the first place. George Bargisen, Executive Chef for Biscayne, did this in the side dishes. For our meal, we had macaroni and cheese… with lobster in it! Everything is better with lobster in it.

          Then there were the Mash Potatoes of the Moment. Every day the chef creates a new mash potato moment depending on his whim. Ours had sautéed asparagus and brie blended into them. The asparagus was still crisp and the brie just lend to the creaminess of the potato.

          Paul paired his meal with a Merlot because he paires everything with Merlot. That’s just the way he rolls.

          Of course, we had to have dessert despite the lack of room in our tummies. We chose to share something very Floridian; a Key Lime Tart with graham cracker crust and a dash of pink salt. With it, he placed strawberries with a tequila-lime gelatin. If you ate the strawberry with the gelatin, it tasted just like a strawberry margarita. Brilliant!

          Thank you Tropicana for giving us this amazing meal.

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