Birthday At Disneyland

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Most of you know that we moved across the country last summer. Most of you know that we were close to our family back in Miami. But, did you know that Paul shared his birthday with my brother at a big, blow out, Halloween birthday party every year for the past 20+ years? Did you know that the Halloween/Birthday party was a tradition in my family dating back to the day my brother was born on Halloween? This being the case, I took it upon myself to create a magical day for Paul that would simultaneously sate any birthday wish and take our minds off the family and friends partying 3000 miles away. What better place than DISNEYLAND for a birthday celebration!

We arrived in Disneyland Saturday morning and were introduced to their theme this year which is “Let the Memories Begin!”and boy, did they. As native Southern Californians, Paul and I had our fair share of Disneyland memories. We began recalling stories of our youth and different Disneyland trips. Even though the park is gigantic now with the added features of Disney California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney, we could still feel the Disneyland of our youth behind all the added amazingness.

Our boys loved every inch of Disneyland. Since our boys were born in Florida, their only experience of Disney was Disneyworld. They had been to all the parks and experienced the magic year after year. However, familiarity aside, they loved Disneyland and declared it their favorite. They particularly loved Tomorrowland’s Star Wars exhibition and the Buzz Lightyear ride. Autopia was one of their favorites and the first time that I didn’t have to drive! Bobby thought he did a great job driving and I am still trying to work out the kink in my neck from being the passenger.

Returning to Disneyland was exciting but I never thought it would be a profound experience. As evening fell, we found ourselves walking through Tomorrowland again. There was a band playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace. They were a really good cover band dong hits from the 80s. Those songs from Blondie and Pat Benatar sent me back to Grad Night 1983. I saw The Greg Kihn Band play on that very stage. I remembered seeing Berlin in Adventureland playing on a boat. I was washed over with memories of my youth and simpler times in my life. I understood the theme of the parks not as creating memories but reliving them!

Then, the same awesome band played the Doobie Brothers, “Without love’. The song asks you, ‘without love, where would you be now.’ This was the perfect end to a perfect day. I stood there remembering my adolescents and being eternally grateful for the love I have today. My husband who I adore, my boys who are the joy and bane of my existence, my little girl who is insisting on becoming a young woman before my eyes, they are my love and they have made me a very happy woman. I could yearn for the past or become melancholy of a day gone by but the love I have now has made me the amazing woman I am today.

So, thank you Disneyland for reminding me of my childhood and also of the incredible life I have now. Thanks for an incredible birthday for my husband and a fabulous day for my boys and myself. But mostly, thanks for all the beautiful memories. Everyone should go and creates some wonderful memories.

(We were provided with media passes to Disneyland but all experiences, breakthroughs and opinions are our own.)


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