Better Homes and Garden Holiday Collection at Walmart

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Buying gifts can be tricky. We want to stay in our budget but still want to gift people who are special to us. A great choice for these dilemmas can be found in Walmart’s Better Homes and Garden Limited Edition Christmas gifts. This is the place to grab something for the teacher or co-worker or, the ever important, hostess gift. These are the gifts I snatched up for my son’s teachers and for some special people in our lives.

For a gift that will cost you less than 5 dollars, you can get the cutest set of Christmas plates (set of 4) and then top with your famous cookies! The plates are less than 3 dollars apiece and this gift shows you care. With one set, you potentially have 4 gifts!

For 15 dollars, these scented wax warmers are just lovely. They have 2 designs. One has this cute Santa face and the other a pretty cardinal. The gift is simple but elegant.

For 10 dollars, you can purchase a Soap Pump and finger towels. This is a great hostess gift especially for those who love the holiday season.

So, for less than 40 dollars, I can gift 6 people. Now, that’s a deal!

Check out the Better Homes and Garden Holiday Collection at Walmart.

Happily, we were given gift cards to write this post. That doesn’t change our opinion but it does make it easier to do a review.

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